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Logic, Proof and Computation

The text Logic, Proof and Computation (233 pages, £15) is now available.

Order this book now direct from the publisher. Logic, Proof and Computation will be available from other sites in 2015. You can download the programs for this book here (includes Shen executable for Windows 7). For Linux users, you can download Shen from this site.

Logic, Proof and Computation is designed as a multidisciplinary reader for students in computing, philosophy and mathematics.

Beginning with a review of formal languages and their syntax and semantics, Logic, Proof and Computation conducts a computer assisted course in formal reasoning and the relevance of logic to mathematical proof, information processing and philosophy.

Topics covered include formal grammars, semantics of formal languages, sequent systems, truth-tables, propositional and first order logic, identity, proof heuristics, regimentation, set theory, databases, automated deduction, proof by induction, Turing machines, undecidability and a computer illustration of the reasoning underpinning Gödel's incompleteness proof. The text is completely supported by free programs written to illustrate propositional and first-order reasoning, set theory, Turing machines and resolution.

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