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Learn Shen

Shen is a portable functional programming language that offers
  • pattern matching,
  • lambda calculus consistency,
  • macros,
  • optional lazy evaluation,
  • static type checking,
  • one of the most powerful systems for typing in functional programming,
  • portability over many languages,
  • an integrated fully functional Prolog,
  • and an inbuilt compiler-compiler.

The word ‘Shen’ is Chinese for 'spirit' and our motto reflects our desire to liberate our work to live under many platforms. Shen is under BSD and currently runs under CLisp, SBCL, Clojure, Scheme, Ruby, Python, the JVM, Haskell and Javascript.

To begin to learn Shen, browse the Learn Shen section.

We host an interactive Javascript page of the Shen REPL from this site - to use it click here.


New Shen release! 18.1 sparks a big improvement in typechecking performance. Get it from the download.
Logic, Proof and Computation - Second Edition Cover Image Just out!: Logic, Proof and Computation is a new text written to introduce programmers to combined topics in computational, mathematical and philosophical logic. The book is computer supported by programs in Shen.

To read more or to order click here.

The Book of Shen (Second Edition) Cover Image The Book of Shen is the complete guide to programming in Shen. The second edition to The Book of Shen is now available here.

Shen has transitioned to BSD at 8:47 GMT February 3rd 2015