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Area Author Licence Documentation Description Download
strings Willi Riha BSD Word | Pdf standard string library strings.zip
vectors Willi Riha BSD Word | Pdf standard vector library vectors.zip
maths Willi Riha BSD Word | Pdf | HTML standard maths library (an index of functions can be found here or (in HTML) here) maths.zip
ffi Mark Tarver BSD Word | Pdf foreign function interface ffi.zip
calendar Mark Tarver BSD Word | Pdf basic calendar program date.zip
ML type notation Mark Tarver BSD Video basic notation for algebraic datatypes h-m.zip
LPC software Mark Tarver BSD Logic, Proof & Computation software for book lpc.zip
editors Robert Koeninger BSD ? editor for Shen based on Sublime https://github.com/rkoeninger/sublime-shen
whist program Mark Tarver BSD Pdf basic graphical whist game for Shen Professional Games/whist.zip
The following programs exist on github and are not well documented; we are endeavouring to correct this.
Master Mind Antti Ylikoski BSD   Mastermind in Shen Games/MMind.zip
Graphs Eric Schulte BSD     https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/tree/master/graph       
HTML Generation  Eric Schulte BSD     https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/blob/
 Dictionary  Eric Schulte BSD     https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/tree/master/dict                
file handling    Eric Schulte BSD     https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/blob/
macros  Eric Schulte BSD      https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/blob/
package requirement sysstem  Eric Schulte BSD     https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/blob/
pattern matching Kjetil Mattheussen BSD     https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/blob/
regexpr Eric Schulte BSD     https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/blob/
sequence Eric Schulte BSD      https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/blob/
modules Eric Schulte BSD     https://github.com/vasil-sd/shen-libs/blob/
Shen minikanren Mark Thom BSD     https://github.com/mthom/shen-minikanren
Shen microcanren Jason Hemann MIT     https://github.com/jasonhemann/microKanren-shen
Shen test framework Greg Spurrier BSD     https://github.com/gregspurrier/shen-test
Verilog tooling Sam Falvo Mozilla Public License 2.0     https://github.com/sam-falvo/SMG
RSS parser Matthew Marks None     https://github.com/zlrth/shen-rss
JSON parser Sam Chase None     https://github.com/samebchase/shen-json

All contributions accepted; please mail any .pdf documentation to wriha AT ntlworld.com together with a link to the code.