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 1. Introducing Shen Professional  

Shen Professional (SP) is a graphical cloud based implementation of Shen, based on the OS Shen kernel running under SBCL. Though the OS Shen is a good program, there is no guaranteed support for it and some parts are rather old. The OS SBCL is many versions behind the latest release. Likewise the OS library exists but is not maintained. This does not stop you learning using the OS version of Shen which still remains a very powerful and solid tool. It is still an excellent way to learn Shen before moving to SP.

In contrast, SP is fully up to date and runs under the latest SBCL but with multiple improvements to the kernel. It is a cloud based system which means that the code lives on the web and is continually improved and augmented. Every month new packages appear and the code base is refined. The documentation is growing continuosly. All this happens without the user having to reinstall software. There is direct email support for SP with a fast turnaround time. There is a help page here for learning about all the packages under SP.

But the other important aspect of SP is the provision of facilities that do not exist with the Shen standard as described in the official kernel standard. Type secure concurrent programming, web connection, an extensive library of utility functions, graphics - are all available under SP. Everything is a click away.

2. Learning Shen

Shen is a powerful functional language with many features not found in Haskell or ML; it includes

  • a pattern-directed functional language

  • a programmable logic engine for type checking based on Prolog

  • A fast compiler-compiler for language design.

You can read the online manual by clicking on the Learn Shen function in the side bar to the left. You can also read some of the articles in blogs where people have created novel applications with types using Shen.

But to get the best out of Shen you should buy The Book of Shen 3rd edition which covers the language from A to Z.

3. Shenzine: a Monthly Issue for SP Users

There is a quarterly e-zine Shenzine which contains articles from Shen users which is emailed direct to SP users. You'll find tips on using Shen in your work, articles on the history of Shen and applications and comparisons in computer science.

4. Buying the SP Home Edition

SP is a service; you buy into it and every month the software improves. You get direct mail support for your problems. You can buy in at either a home version or a commercial version. The home license gives you nearly all the facilities of the commercial version for 10 a month on a machine of your choice. You can also make money from the Home Version because the Shen kernel is BSD. Both Linux and Windows is supported and you can choose which one.

Want to buy into SP Home Edition? It's easy! Just click on the subscribe button below. Then write to dr dot mtarver AT gmail DOT com and you'll receive an e-mail from me and a copy of SP in 48 hours.

The commercial license allows you to have both Linux and Windows versions, commercial opportunity to use code outside the BSD kernel, free software advice to 2 hours a month, and the right to put your corporate logo on our home page.

5. Buying the Commercial License

This 50 a month subscription gives you both Windows and Linux versions and up to two hours a month free commercial advice and a direct hotline to me at dr.mtarver AT Want to buy? It's easy! Just click on the subscribe button below. Then write to dr dot mtarver AT gmail DOT com and you'll receive an e-mail from me and a copy of SP in 48 hours.