The Shen Group



Our mission is to bring the power of Shen technology to every major programming platform used by industry and deliver to programmers the great power of Shen.

The word 'Shen' means 'highest spirit' in Chinese and indicates our goal is to transcend the divisions between computer languages.

Since 2021 Shen has been based on the S series kernels.


  • pattern matching,
  • lambda calculus consistency,
  • macros for defining domain specific languages,
  • optional lazy evaluation,
  • static type checking based on sequent calculus,
  • one of the most powerful systems for typing in functional programming,
  • an integrated fully functional Prolog,
  • an inbuilt compiler-compiler,
  • a BSD kernel under 15 languages (Lisp, Python, Javascript, C ...)
  • and operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS/X),
  • is extensively documented in a book
  • has nearly a decade of use.
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Find the support pages and purchase links for materials on Shen below.


The support page for Shen/tk - a type secure platform portable interface to TCL/tk.


The support page for the text Programming the Logic Lab now includes readable online access to the book.


The support page for the text Logic, Proof and Computation is established.


THORN Theorem prover derived from HORN clause logic is available.


Shen Education Channel starts on Youtube.


Yggdrasil project launched - the grand unification of programming languages.


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